Lost in Space by Joshua Nageli

Few years ago, there were three astronauts

in a space shuttle called NASA Explorer 1. Their

names were Jeff, Bob & Mike. They were assigned

to a space walk close to the planet, Mars.

Jeff and Bob were in-charge of the controls in the space shuttle. Mike was carefully tethered to the space shuttle before he went out into space. Suddenly, a barrage of asteroids came hurtling towards him. Luckily, it missed and Mike did not get hurt, but the asteroid hit the space shuttle. There was a big explosion and it blew up the space shuttle. Mike felt very sad for his friends, Jeff and Bob, because he knew they were caught in the explosion. Then a piece of the space shuttle hit Mike and threw him into space. He was floating in space. Then he went hurtling at top speed into Mars. He was terrified and scared for his life.

Then, he passed out. When he woke up, Mike had crashed into a Mars Research Facility. The crew of the M.R.F helped him survive the crash. Mike was relieved that he was able to survive but he felt sad for his crew-mates who died.

Mike joined the M.R.F team in their search for life on Mars. He had fun with controlling the Rover robot vehicle, that collects specimens for research. He worked on Mars for two years and then he was sent back to Earth in a space shuttle.

The End.